little happinesses.

ive been thinking a lot lately about the every day things that bring me joy. these can be really big things obviously like bigger events such as birthdays or really small things like when the perfect song comes on when im running and i actually have to stop myself from dancing crazily. i mean the kind of dancing saved specifically for the privacy of my own room and for songs like “mr bightside”.

i started making lists of these things a while ago and add to it whenever i remember and am not crazy busy, two things that don’t happen all that often. but i thought id share some of the things on my list.

firstly, my friend jacey has surprised me with coffee enough times for it to be worthy of its own album on my VSCO. just last friday she picked me up to go get my car and had a Dunkin coffee waiting for me because she’d gotten herself one too. plus we both get iced coffee with caramel and sugar. it’s actually to die for so 10/10 recommend.

working out has been another thing. i got really on board w this last year about this time but kind of fell out of sync until recently. im reminded again though how great you feel after a good workout (and also how much like death tbh) and how awesome it is to see results!! id lost 15 pounds originally when i started working out last year and after falling back into bad eating habits and less working out gained some back. getting back on track w that and being healthy has been a really awesome up to my days lately. 🙂

another one lately has been lectures. and i know you read that and think “lol what” but the excitement of listening to a prof talk about something so interesting that you find yourself getting caught up and forgetting to sneakily text during class or even take notes, but still remembering everything because you were so immersed, is actually incredible. stuff like this lately has made me more sure than ever about the career im entering.

LETTERS. this feels so retro to write but making writing letters to my friends lately a priority has brought me a lot of joy. sitting down and writing stuff out has always been easy and even enjoyable for me (probably why i started a blog???) and my gaining of many friends in different states has brought about letter writing again. and also, checking my mail. getting and sending mail is an actual highlight to my day.

lastly, FaceTime. my gained appreciation for this one has been really recent but really prominent. now don’t get me wrong, texting is awesome actually, and ive always preferred it to other forms of communication like Snapchat. but being able to actually see someone and hear their voice even though they may be anywhere from 2-18 hours away has become super special to me. getting to talk to people regularly using that outlet has been so enjoyable for me and honestly highlights a lot of my days. also, George and I started FaceTiming to watch Seinfeld and not only does this alone make my days, but highly recommend Seinfeld for anyone looking for a new binge show.

my list is WAY bigger than that, but those are just a few of the big ones on it. 🙂

life is great. a certain quote that’s been in my head lately has also been in relation to happiness and it’s simply that

you are the decider of your own happiness

incorporating this idea into my every day has made a significant difference for me. give it a try. 🙂