life updates galore

SO many exciting things have happened in these last few weeks that i am just so excited to share!!

first – i went through sorority recruitment. now for starters, this was never really something that i had pictured myself doing. i had this stereotypical idea of what sororities are all about and let me tell you.. i was so wrong. throughout rush week not only did i get to find in my home in ALPHA PHI, but i got to meet amazing women throughout all of the chapters! my new sisters are all absolutely incredible and i already feel so home. i know how cliche that may sound but it really is the very best feeling to be surrounded by so many awesome women who support you, are so FUN, and are so driven to accomplish awesome things!! the atmosphere you put yourself in does so much to alter your own development and i am SO thankful to be in this environment because i foresee it pushing me to thrive even more than i had ever imagined. if you have even the SMALLEST interest in greek life i cannot encourage you enough to give it a try. of course, here’s pics. 🙂

on a non-aphi related note – i haven’t really been able to get over lately how perfect of a campus uni really is. after not giving it virtually any thought prior to this year, and being super skeptical of it in general even when i did decide to transfer, it has completely exceeded all of my expectations.

1. this campus is the PERFECT size. there is such a big campus vibe, along with it feeling perfectly manageable and non-intimidating at the same time.

2. getting involved is SO easy. there is literally a book for everyone here and since there aren’t an overwhelming number of students on campus, it’s really easy to start recognizing people from your classes at different events, clubs, etc.

3. the people. maybe i am just out-of-this-world lucky with the people ive gotten the opportunity to meet this summer into this school year but wow. from my classes, to clubs, to alpha phi, i have meet INCREDIBLE people all over and i am so freakin thankful for that.

classes have been going just as well and i am only experiencing a small amount of stress since actually deciding what i want to do with my life.

ALSO something that i forgot to mention was that i got approved for a volunteer trip to fiji this coming summer with one of my best friends, jacey! im already so excited for that. another international trip may also be in the works.. stay tuned. 😉

i have decided recently upon a double major in psychology and political science. as well, im seeking out a double minor as well with mental health and international affairs. FINALLY ill be rounding out the bottom with a certificate in international peace and security.

my overall goal with that is to initially work as a counselor primarily focusing on refugee children and victims of domestic violence, but i hope to later venture into the field of humanitarian intervention on the global scale.

i am so incredibly excited for all that is to come in these next years at UNI already – and it’s only been a month here!!

stayed tuned for more updates. 🙂