the balkans in 7 days: croatia

dubrovnik, croatia was one of the places where we spent the least amount of time, but that held one of the greatest beauties out of all the places we visited in 7 days.

the difference between dubrovnik and the other places we visited is that dubrovnik is much more touristy than other areas of the balkans, even regarded as one of the biggest tourist hubs within the balkans region. specific to dubrovnik, there are countless draws within the city that are easily at the cause of this increased tourist travel; including the Walls of Dubrovnik, the seaport, the museums and monasteries, and personally my favorite, the gelato stands on EVERY CORNER. i would tell you that we didn’t get ice cream 3 times within that day.. but i’d be lying.


the most beautiful aspect of dubrovnik that we got to experience would have to be the walls. the walls surround the city of dubrovnik and from the walls, you can see the city in the most incredible way. the walls were mainly constructed during the 12th-17th centuries, but have been maintained incredibly well up to this day. they stretch 1940 meters long and it took about 2 hours to see the whole thing. if you ever find yourself in dubrovnik, the walls are an absolute must to add to your list. you won’t find a more unique and incredible way to view all aspects that dubrovnik has to offer (old town, the harbour, the beaches, the incredible Adriatic, etc.). of course, i’ve included numerous pictures but they really do not give the incredible views any justice.

i largely spent the day with my new friends exploring the city. isabella, jenna, austin, liam, george, and myself grew really close over this week and they incredibly enhanced this experience for me. we walked the wall together, visited museums, ate too much ice cream, and made countless jokes together. i’ve included pictures of them too, just because i’m so thankful for the incredibly positive way in which they added to my week.

also yes, we are in front of the stairs where the “walk of shame” scene from Game of Thrones took place. fun fact. 🙂

this was one of the funnest days that we had throughout the week, easily. though it was much less structured than some of our other days, it was spent growing closer to our new friends and getting to explore the beautiful city together.

towards the end of the day. we found a neat little restaurant of the side of the wall. we climbed down onto the rocks and sat for a while, watching people jump off the cliffs nearby. it was a great ending to the day, getting to soak in the beauty of dubrovnik away from the masses. overall, the day was incredible and the people i got to experience it with made it even more incredible. i knew even on this 3rd day in the region that the balkans had already captured a piece of my heart.

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