the balkans in 7 days: albania

as for the first week of my summer adventure, we embarked on a 7 day adventure around the balkans region! this trip consisted of MANY hours on a bus, which ended up not being too bad of a thing. these hours on the bus resulted in many long talks getting to know friends, JAM sessions, naps, and countless laughs.

our first day we packed up and out the door by 7 a.m. (after getting in as the last person at 10 pm the night before, talk about jetlag!).

before getting to our destination of kruje, albania, we made a stop at a rest stop with possible the best macchiato’s i have EVER had. we sat with our new friends, chatted, and spent some time enjoying the coffee and eachother. the thing that struck me right off the bat was the mountains. in kosovo you can obviously see the mountains, but out in the open terrain of albania, they seemed so much more prominent. i obviously had to have my new friend isabella take a picture for me in front of them. 🙂

albania 1

we next arrived in kruje, albania. WOW. everything about kruje was so aesthetically pleasing. not even the monuments we visited (though they were stunning as well and held a wealth of knowledge) but the landscape views were more than enough for me. the mix of mountains, kruje’s simply beautiful skyline, and the peep of the adriatic sea in the distance made for the most beautiful introduction to the region.

as well, i included some pictures with my fellow program members because they have really made this trip for me!

we made our way to shengjin to stay the night, and get some beach time! the beaches of this region are so incredibly beautiful and i spent time walking down the beach with my new friend jenna and getting to know eachother! thankfully, we’ve proven to be incredibly similar, which has made for an even better trip. who’d have thought you’d meet people you vibe with so well across the world! i’ve included a picture of us at the kruje castle in albania as well.

overall, albania was the perfect place to start off our trip. i was completely overwhelmed by the simple beauty of the region, as has been a theme with every place we visit.

next post coming soon: montenegro!


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