purpose & other falsities.

okay, so that is not entirely true. a lot of things have purpose. there was a purpose to why your mom made you bathe every night growing up when you didn’t want to. there is a purpose as to why clubs and organizations have meetings. there is a purpose to why you take certain classes and why we wake when the sun comes up and sleep when it goes back down (okay for most of us, anyways).

but very often, we find there is no purpose to things and we are consumed by why this is. what is the purpose for the birds that sing so loudly first thing in the morning? what could the purpose be to cheating on a committed and loving significant other? and what could POSSIBLY be the purpose for mosquitos? I MEAN HONESTLY, WHY?

okay, some of these examples are silly, but you get my drift. on a serious note, purpose is a concept that some individuals work towards their entire lives. purpose is a very real and important concept to the vast majority of the population and we are almost consumed by our acquisition of it, or maybe more of our obsession with it. this very obsession has the potential to drive some people to deep depression, or keep others just endlessly searching, never feeling quite content without knowing their purpose.

i’m not trying to say purpose is a total falsity, because obviously it is not. people find purpose in a vast amount of ways. it could be assumed that members of groups such as missionaries, professional athletes, musicians, and numerous other groups have found some sense of purpose in what they do. missionaries find a sense of purpose in spreading their faith. many professional athletes find purpose in using their platforms to promote or show support for issues they care for. musicians find purpose in writing music that speaks to the souls of their listeners. you could go on with examples and I am sure if you asked members of these groups, their purposes would all differ, or maybe not even exist yet, or at least not in their full form. and they would all agree that they were not aware of what this purpose was destined to be 5, 10, or 20 years ago. and still, they have no inkling of where they will eventually end up. perhaps what they currently believe is their purpose will change eventually, and this possibility is completely possibly and acceptable.

the falsity lies in this idea that you have to be 22, graduated from college, and have your whole life figured out. there is this idea in society that you must enter a job after college. then the next step is to fall in love, pop out some kids, make terrible “dad jokes” for the rest of your life, and die, not happy but not totally disappointed either, after a subpar life, because you followed societies to-do list for your life instead of your own.

you do not have to be a homeowner at 25, and you do not have to be a college graduate at that age either. (fun fact: you don’t actually have to be a college graduate at any age and still do fairly well, incase you hadn’t been told). you can spend your life in Haiti building houses, or working on tax exemptions, or whatever it is. if it sets your soul on fire,  follow it to no avail. and if that fire goes out, start another somewhere else. search for purpose, but do not feel discouraged while on your journey of acquisition. embrace the journey.

if you are one of the few that has already seemed to have found your purpose, I applaud you and wish you wonders. if you are like me though, still searching, virtually still clueless what your eventual purpose will turn out to be, take a breath. there is no rush. you must walk before you can run, and run before you can fly. and you will fly.